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Comparison Table of All California Charter Dive Boats
NameCaptainLocationSizeAir FillsGalleyBunksHeads / ShowersSpecial FeaturesPhone
Beach Hopper IIBrian & MaryJo Nelson, & Greg Phillips Monterey32' long X 14' beamnonenone2 single1 / 1 408-463-0585
EscapadeJim CapwellMonterey38' long X 12' beamnonebeverages & snacks includednone1 / 1air tanks included831-465.1185
SanctuaryMichael JonesMonterey35' long X 13.5' beamnonebeverages & snacks includednone1 / 16 pack, tanks included866-737-3483
Silver PrinceemailMonterey36' long X 12' beamnonenonenone1 / 0tanks included831-204-0539
NameCaptainLocationSizeAir FillsGalleyBunksHeads / ShowersSpecial FeaturesPhone
MagicemailMorro Bay26' long X 8' beamnonenonenone1 / 0 805-550-6448
NameCaptainLocationSizeAir FillsGalleyBunksHeads / ShowersSpecial FeaturesPhone
ConceptionJerry BoylanSanta Barbara78' long X 25' beam3000 psiseats 4013 double, 20 single3 / 432% Nitrox805-962-1127
TruthChris CallahanSanta Barbara65' long X 22' beam3000 psiseats 3212 double, 19 single2 / 432% Nitrox805-962-1127
VisionJames HrabakSanta Barbara80' long X 26' beam3000 psiseats 4013 double, 20 single3 / 432% Nitrox805-962-1127
NameCaptainLocationSizeAir FillsGalleyBunksHeads / ShowersSpecial FeaturesPhone
ExplorerTony VolaskiVentura65' long X 22' beam3000 psiseats 208 double, 26 single, 2 staterooms2 / 3Sit down tank racks805-646-0836
PeaceEric BowmanVentura65' long X 22' beam3700 psiseats 3211 double, 12 single2 / 332% Nitrox, hot tub, fast air fills805-650-3483
RaptorDave WilsonVentura46' long X 16.2' beamnoneseats 15 (20 max)none2 / 2steel 85 & 72 tanks, & food incl.805-650-7700
SpectreTed CummingVentura85' long X 19' beam3000 psiseats 329 double, 23 single4 / 4hot tub, BBQ805-483-6612
NameCaptainLocationSizeAir FillsGalleyBunksHeads / ShowersSpecial FeaturesPhone
Island DiverTonyRedondo Beach36' long X 13' beamnonenonenone1 / 120+ knots310-372-8423
NameCaptainLocationSizeAir FillsGalleyBunksHeads / ShowersSpecial FeaturesPhone
AsanteKevin BellSan Pedro40' long X 14' beam3500 psiseats 4 insidenone1 / 1fast, sit down tank racks, nitrox818-652.5859
Bottom ScratcherGreg ElliotSan Pedro63' long X 21' beam3000 psiseats 226 double, 15 single2 / 1tanks & weights supplied714-963-4378
Great EscapeTim BurkeSan Pedro80' long X 25' beam3200 psiseats 3014 double, 21 single, 6 staterooms2 / 4camera station866-348-3262
Giant StrideJim SimmermanSan Pedro40' long X 15' beam3500 psiseats 6none1 / 1Santa Monica Bay, Malibu, PV310-990-4702
MagicianCarlSan Pedro62' long X 18' beam3000 psiseats 2412 single, 8 double2 / 1sit down tank racks, Nitrox818-499-7101
Pacific StarDaveSan Pedro65' long X 22' beam3000 psiseats 2418 single, 8 double2 / 2sit down tank racks, pp Nitrox626-716-1796
Psalty VGary JacksonSan Pedro50' long X 15' beam3000 psiall incluse meals & drinks7 singles2 / 2shark cage, fast liveaboard 6 pack310-714-0548
Sand DollarGerogeSan Pedro65' long X 22' beam2400 psiseats 249 double, 13 single2 / 332% Nitrox, tanks & weights supplied877-444-2628
Second StageGerry MontejoSan Pedro48' long X 14.75' beam3500 psiyes6 singles1 / 2air fill whips & tank benches562-587-2154
NameCaptainLocationSizeAir FillsGalleyBunksHeads / ShowersSpecial FeaturesPhone
Cee RayMichael LancasterLong Beach65' long X 20' beam3000 psiseats 224 double, 27 single2 / 2tank racks562-505-6505
SundiverKyaa HellerLong Beach54' long X 17' beam3000 psiseats 1611 double2 / 2tanks provided800-555-9446
Sundiver IIRay ArntzLong Beach33' long X 9.5' beamnoneseats 4 inside, 6 under cover1 V, 2 dbls, 1 sngl1 / 1tanks available800-555-9446
Sundiver IIIRay ArntzLong Beach21' long X ??' beamnonecont' bkfst, snacks, sodanone1 / 1tanks available800-555-9446
Sundiver ExpressDerek EriksonLong Beach48' long X 16' beamnonesnacks, sodanone0 / 0Al 80s provided800-555-9446
NameCaptainLocationSizeAir FillsGalleyBunksHeads / ShowersSpecial FeaturesPhone
ScramblerBob KennedyAvalon64' long X ??' beamnoneseats 6none1 / 0tanks & weights included310-510-2350
Scuba CatRick LawsonAvalon46' long X 16' beamnonesnacks, lunch, & refreshmentsnone1 / 3Al 80 & Al 63 tanks & weights included800-353-0330
NameCaptainLocationSizeAir FillsGalleyBunksHeads / ShowersSpecial FeaturesPhone
HorizonSpencer SalmonSan Diego80' long X 25' beam3300 psiseats 3010 double, 22 single, 8 cabins2 / 3great white shark dives, air cond., Nitrox858-277-7823
HumboltRyan Wilbarger/Greg HatemSan Diego60' long X 16' beam4000psiseats 12none1 / 1AL80's and soft weights included619-224-6195
Hydro DiverBill MossSan Diego35' longnonesnacks, hot & cold drinksnone1 / 1Al 80s & DUI or soft weights included800-881-7121
MarissaBrandon Henrickson and Lora MeyerSan Diego38' long3500 psiFood and Beverages incl.none1 / 2tanks included619-757-3280
M/V IslanderShane Slaughter & John ConniffSan Diego88' long X 24' beam3500 psiseats 3011 staterooms2 / 2GW shark dives, Baja long range619-224-4388
Lois AnnEric MycroftSan Diego47' long X 15' beam4000 psihot lunchnone1 / 2Al 80s & weights supplied619-992-6895
NameCaptainLocationSizeAir FillsGalleyBunksHeads / ShowersSpecial FeaturesPhone

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Environments: lush kelp forests, rock reefs, caves, pinnacles, urchin barrens, sand shoals, ship wrecks, surf zones.
Water Temperature Range: 44F-74F (6C-23C) depends on location, depth, and time of year
Fish: garibaldi, blacksmith, señoritia, kelp fish, sole, halibut, turbot, sanddab, blackeye goby, bluebanded goby, zebra goby, sarcastic fringehead, ronquil, wolf-eel, moray eel, rock wrasse, sheephead, barracuda, surfperch, halfmoon, whitefish, opaleye, zebraperch, croaker, white sea bass, lizardfish, midshipman, sargo, salema, jack mackeral, calico or kelp bass, spotted or sand bass, rock bass, giant black sea bass, sculpin, cabezon, lingcod, greenling, treefish, rockfish, smelt, anchovie, sardine, yellowtail, bointa, mackeral, mola, bluefin tuna, needlefish, queenfish, blenny, blue rockfish, red rockfish, cabazon, sunfish, mola mola, bocaccio, zebra perch, rubberlip perch.
Sharks and Rays: bat ray, round sting ray, shovel nose guitar fish, California thornback, Pacific electric or torpedo ray, angel shark, leopard shark, blue shark, swell shark, horn shark, angel shark, soupfin shark, dogfish, smoothhound shark, great white shark.
Crabs: kelp crab, rock crab, decorator crab, sheep or spider crab, dungeness crab, sand crab, shore crab, hermit crab, warrior crab, helmet crab.
Invertebrates: tunicate, sea star, brittle star, sunburst/sunflower star, sand star, spiny star, sand dollar, sea urchin, pencil urchin, sea cucumber, feather star, octopus, squid, clam, rock scallop, cowrey, triton, whelk, sponge, jellyfish, hydrocoral, hydroid, green abalone, pink abalone, red abalone, white abalone, black abalone, flat abalone, limpet, bryozoan, turban snail, kelp snail, moon snail, top snail, sand snail, muscle, tube worm, feather duster worm, gorgonian, sea anonome, nudibranch, navanax, sea slug, cleaner shrimp, shrimp, mantis shrimp, spiny lobster.
Sea Mammals - Pinnipeds: harbor seal, sea lion, dolphin, common dolphin, gray whale, blue whale, humpback whale, killer whale, pilot whale, elephant seal, Dall's porpise, beaked whale.
Plants: agarweed, algee, eel grass, cord grass, salt grass, bull kelp, elkhorn kelp, featherboa kelp, giant kelp, spongeweed, sea palm, laminaria, rockweed. California
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